Pizzeria La Factoria was founded as a family-run company, offering attractive and attentive, traditional Italian cuisine.

We have consolidated our position by working with humility, affection, honesty and commitment in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

We hope to welcome you to our restaurant, so that you can enjoy the good food, the friendly service offered by our staff and the wonderful sea view on Lobos and Lanzarote.

Only if you have eaten a pizza at La Factoria, can you say that you have tasted the authentic Italian pizza!

A unique and cheerful chef, a waiting staff that serves you with kindness and respect and makes suggestions and recommendations of fine wine to match your chosen dish with a sincere smile… all this at La Factoria restaurant. Sitting at the table with a superb wine next to a plate of fried fish or fresh pasta, cannelloni, lasagne with spinach, refreshing salads with the main products brought from Italy,  their land of origin, chosen by the owner Luca the Bolognese, near the Apennines.

Contemplating Lanzarote and the island of Lobos, residents and tourists stroll through the small jetty of Corralejo overlooking the playa Chica, while here you can enjoy the taste of Italian cuisine from the Emilia Romagna region, the place where pasta like tortellini, symbolic typical dish from Bologna , ravioli, tortelloni, vegetable or Bolognese lasagne, crepes cannelloni or tasty tagliatelle with meat sauce were created, all accompanied by Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan), brought to the island directly from Italy.

More than a hundred dishes to choose from on a menu that of course also includes fresh fish bought in the early morning directly from local fishermen, or else grilled, fried or stewed meat, shrimps in garlic and oil that nobody is indifferent to or a traditional home-made majorero Alioli.

Visit Bologna and its traditional tastes at La Factoria restaurant, which once was a fishmonger and resting place for the fishing village. Today, restored, well-kept and welcoming, this establishment has been opening its doors for the last twenty years and offering international and Italian cuisine that shares the delicious taste of the products and dishes typical of these lands.